Duplex Home Insurance

Whether you are buying or renting a duplex, duplex home insurance is an important ingredient for your financial security. The safety and protection that comes from what quality home protection provides is ample reason to invest in the right amount of coverage.

Duplex Home Insurance

When buying duplex home insurance, one of the biggest questions in terms of coverage relates to if you are using the units in an owner occupancy manner or if your will have tenants in your property. If you have no renters then a home insurance policy like or similar to a single family property policy will probably be sufficient. Adding renters to the mix adds the need for a slightly different policy.

With tenants you will have the need for increased levels of liability insurance. On top of that you should encourage your renter or renters to buy a renters insurance policy.  If you do not have a stipulation in your lease agreement and or your renter chooses not to get any coverage, explain to them clearly what that means and how your property policy may not cover their personal property.

Another variable to consider is how your units are deeded. Are your units considered one property or deeded as individual condo units? Make sure your policy matches your needs and takes into account the variables of your particular duplex.

The first step is to shop online for rates, but if you ever are confused about what your premium covers or if something needs more clarification, do not feel shy to call the insurance companies you got quotes from and ask to speak with an agent who is familiar with both duplex insurance and also has the ability to understand your situation.

Duplex Renters Insurance

If you rent a duplex and want to protect your personal property then you should get renters insurance. Renters Insurance helps protect you from things such as fire, theft, and vandalism. Just because your  landlord has property insurance on the building usually does not mean that your personal items are safe.

Renters insurance, also known as HO4 Insurance, not only provides protection for personal items but it may also provide personal liability coverage. When shopping for the right coverage, one idea is to itemize all your personal belongings and assess in an objective manner how much the replacement cost values are.

As with homeowners insurance, certain things will help lower your renter insurance policy premium. Having a security device,  smoke detectors, and radon detectors all look good to insurers. Also using your auto insurer to provide your renters policy may help you get a discount. Lastly if you need to reduce your monthly premium, raise your deductible.

The worst thing to assume is that as a renter you do not need insurance. Insurance is a necessary thing for anyone and if you have things of value, please shop for renters insurance rates and get an appropriate policy.

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